Two-Wheeled Sneaky-People

Sun-tannin' on a lunch break...
                             Sun-tannin’ on a lunch break…

Murphy sez: There sure are a lot of sneaky people riding those two-wheeled contraptions around lately, don’t you think, Mica? Seems like they come out of nowhere on our walks, and mostly from behind us. What’s up with that? Are they trying to scare us? ‘Cause it’s working. You’ve been pretty skittish lately when we’re out…

Mica sez: I just wish I could hear them coming, ya know? It’s kind of freaky to be walkin’ along, minding my own business, and then boom! Out of nowhere, there’s someone right beside me! On wheels! They’re like ghosts, I tell ya. It’s not natural. It really shouldn’t be allowed.

Murphy sez: I don’t think they mean us any harm. I mean, most of them seem nice. They smile, and sometimes they say hi. But it is a bit unsettling. I prefer those to the noisy kind though. Especially those little tiny ones with super-loud high-pitched engines. Too much like a dirt-bike to me. I was ready to chase that one dude down the other night. He really got on my nerves. If I hadn’t been on a leash…

Mica sez: Yeah, I noticed. J had to stop us twice so you’d quit pulling so hard on your prong collar. Lucky for her you had that on too, or she might have ended up face-first on the pavement. You get excited about the strangest things, Murph. That guy didn’t seem any creepier than anyone else to me. Just noisy.

Murphy sez: He could have been a perfectly nice guy, for all I know. But I hate his bike, and want it to die. Which is different from the kid we see on the other street sometimes. I don’t care if he’s on a skateboard or a normal ol’ bicycle – I hate that guy. If I ever get a hold of him, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Mica sez: Aw, you shouldn’t hate people, Murph. What did he do to you, anyway?

Murphy sez: Some things are best left unsaid, Mica. That dude had just better stay on his side of the street, is all.

Say, speaking of people being out of place, do you think that old golden retriever got home okay?

Mica sez: If J remembered the right yard to tell the nice lady who picked him up, I bet he did. Didn’t see him there tonight, but hopefully she got him home. She seemed nice – that lady who had him in her car. Paw-bumps to her for helping the old guy get out of traffic and un-lost!

Murphy sez: If he’d been wearing a collar and ID, it would have been lots easier. She wouldn’t have even had to ask J if she knew where the dog lived. But so many dogs around here don’t even have collars. Why don’t people keep ID on their dogs, Mica?

Pretty tag collar!
                                    Pretty tag collar!

Mica sez: I guess some people just like a challenge, Murph. Even with a microchip, it’s a heck of a lot easier to just make a phone call or knock on a door than it is to find a microchip reader and get scanned. Maybe we can think of something to do to raise awareness of how important it is for us four-leggers (and tripods!) to have ID on us at all times. Wanna do a contest this fall, Murph?

Murphy sez: That’s a great idea! We’ll have to talk to J about it and see what she says. Maybe she’ll buy us some swag to give away. Collars and ID tags would be cool, right? Like…a collar and leash wardrobe?

Mica sez: Yep – and I know just the thing for ID, actually. But I think we should try it out first, right? It’s the responsible thing to do. We’d better go find J and tell her our plan. There’s some stuff we need her to order. Hey, do you think we should ask for our own web site?

Murphy sez: Yeah! That would be totally cool.Maybe we could be famous! And it’s probably time for some treats too, right? I mean, it’s always treat-time somewhere…


Dog Days of Summer


Murphy sez: Sure has been kinda quiet around here lately, hasn’t it Mica? Aside from the squirrels, I mean. They’ve been kinda active. It’s been hot though, and aside from sleepin’ in the sun when J will let me and doin’ our nightly neighborhood patrols, there’s not much to do except chew on bones and sleep. I like bones though, and I like sleep…

Mica sez: But not crickets or ravens, eh Murph? That cricket in the back garden is sure a loud little thing. And you won’t even go out while he’s chirpin’! Then again, you don’t like the dark either, so maybe the cricket just makes it worse. He really is loud. When the back door’s open, you can hear that little fellow anywhere in the house.

Murphy sez: I’m not sure what he looks like, but I don’t want to get anywhere near that cricket. I think if I see him, I’ll eat him. That oughta shut him up. If J would let me catch those pesky squirrels and the mourning doves that seem to be everywhere, she wouldn’t hardly have to feed me. Win-win, right Mica?

Mica sez: Yeah…I feel the same way about ducks. But J must have her reasons. She’s probably afraid you’ll catch something from those wild animals. I notice you didn’t mention the crows though. Then again, we don’t normally see crows on our walks, so maybe you forgot about ‘em?

Murphy sez: Hard to forget about those big black birds, but no, I don’t see those outside. J decided to watch Game of Thrones, and they use ravens (of all things) to communicate! Can you imagine? They sound horrible, and I really don’t like them at all. But I don’t really like the sound of people yelling and swords clashing either. Don’t know what she sees in that show, but we’re only on the first season. At least she watches some on her laptop with her headphones. I think she should do that more often.


Mica sez: You know they’re planning to watch a movie with a lot of explosions in it on the fourth of July, right? It’s to cover up the ‘splosions here in town, but it’s still gonna be kind of loud. Or really loud. But no ravens, I don’t think. And no swords either. So you might get lucky with that one.

Murphy sez: Game of NOISE, they should call it. Sheesh. Kinda like all the car doors that will be slamming outside with the neighbor’s garage sale this weekend. I suppose you’ll be barking at that, like you did with the kid who wasn’t tall enough to read the “Please do not knock” sign on the door earlier this week. That one gave B a good scare, ‘cause J wasn’t home yet, and I had ta make sure you behaved myself. That was a little tense, but I’m glad you decided not to fight me on it this time.

Mica sez: Yeah, yeah. I backed down and let you have all the fun so B could safely open the door. The kid still had to wait for J to get his ball out of the backyard later, ‘cause B was a bit frazzled and annoyed by that point, but no one got hurt, so that’s the important part.

Murphy sez: You think J will take that sign off the door now? I mean, we did the right thing, and didn’t kill each other…

Mica sez: Somehow I don’t think that sign’s coming down for awhile. J says it’s actually kind of handy to keep the riff-raff away. Except it would be nice for the mail man to be able to knock again. On account of he’s bringing our new Pupjoy delivery sometime this week…

Murphy sez: Yay for new toys! I saw they brought some home from Costco last night too. Wonder when we’ll get those? This weekend? I just tossed another dragon behind B’s chair. Do you think we’ll get bully sticks Saturday morning too? Or bones this week? Saturday mornings are so fun. I can’t wait!

Mica sez: It is pretty fun getting something new to chew on, isn’t it Murph?

Murphy sez: Hey Mica – where are the pictures we’re supposed to put in this post? I think we’re about done, but I don’t see any ill-u-stra-shuns to add.

Mica sez: J was totally slacking this week, so we’ll have to throw in a few old ones. But she’s working on a way we might be able to take our own pictures and videos, so that would be cool, right? Maybe in a few weeks. We’ll just have to remind her next week. We need new pics for the blog, J!

Murphy sez: Oh man…I am all over that. Just gimme a camera!


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Shoes & Boxes & Bones…Oh My!


Murphy sez: So when do you suppose we’ll get those new toys back, Mica? You know – the ones that came in the mail last week? I really wanna finish chewing the arm off that alien dude. He has a really good squeaker!

Mica sez: Well, if you wouldn’t have taken it outside and nearly(?) peed on it, J probably wouldn’t have taken it away. Seriously…what was that all about? And you know she’s just going to cut that arm off anyway, right? She’s not gonna let you eat it…

Murphy sez: I don’t know why not. It’s good fiber, right?

Mica sez: Wrong kind of fiber, Murph. Besides, you gotta leave those little unstuffed limbs on, or you won’t have anything to toss the toys with. You seem to have a lot of fun doing that. Except last night, when you tossed J’s shoe at B and nearly hit him. I gotta say, it was a good throw though! Perfectly placed between B’s head and the stained glass lamp. Right down behind the recliner. Three points for that one, I’d say.


Murphy sez: It sure surprised J and B! But I blame all that on you. I mean, I don’t normally just go throwing shoes around. Or even touching shoes, for that matter. But I we were all happy after J got home from work, and you were chasing me around, and that was pretty fun, and I got a little…okay, a lot excited, and I tossed that new donut-neck thing around and J’s shoe was right underneath it and…

Mica sez: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was having fun too until J made me stop chasing you. She was worried we’d fight, but we were just playing. Well, she wanted her shoe back, too. She doesn’t really like having her shoes slimed. Or when you don’t give things back when she says to.

Murphy sez: But it’s fun to play keep away! That’s what I was doing with the alien, too! I didn’t pee on it, you know. Or I didn’t mean to, anyway. I just really had to pee. And I didn’t want J to take that cool squeaker away. And I couldn’t let you get it either. Sheesh. Humans are party-poopers. I mean, J took our new bones away last night too. What’s that all about?


Mica sez: We have been chewing on them all week. I think the noise was starting to get on B’s nerves. But there’s still marrow in them! They did buy those bones for us last weekend…but I guess there’s rules for that too. I tried to reclaim one bone this morning while J was typing this blog up for us, but she took it away again. Said waking up B with more bone chewing might not be the best way to start a Friday. Harumph. I think the best way to start a Friday is with a yummy bone.

Murphy sez: I suppose that means we don’t get another new one this week. Bummer! I wonder if we’ll get more toys in the mail? The soft ones were kind of cool, but J didn’t seem to know about the hard ones. I know she canceled one box already, because the very first bag of treats they sent were fish, and with you being allergic and all, that might not be a good thing. The other box was a few toys and a leash, but I don’t think J was too impressed with the selection.

Mica sez: Yeah, and we don’t need another leash – J’s got lots. But there are plenty of other dogs out there who don’t seem to have one. Maybe J should start leaving them on doors and light posts for those dogs who don’t have one. She might be less stressed on our nightly walks if people took them and used them…

Murphy sez: I guess we’ll just have to wait for her to find more toys at that Costco place. The dragons are pretty fun. I like chewing the wings off. Mmm…wings…

Hey, what do you say we go steal those bones back now? I could use a little chewing action and J says I need to stop chewing on my toes. I mean, I gotta chew on something, right? Toes or bones, her choice.

Mica sez: I don’t know – I think maybe it’s time for our morning nap, Murph. Plenty of time to chew on stuff later. But you should probably leave your toes alone, K? You’ll need those for walkin’ later…


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