Weekend Update(s)

Weekend Update(s)


Murphy sez: Wow – has it really been a whole month since J posted anything for us? Geez. We really should figure out a good punishment for her. I mean, we have important stuff to say, don’t we, Mica? And a lot has happened since then…what with those holiday-things, and a bunch of in and out and in and out and in and —

Mica sez: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I know she’s been kinda busy doing human stuff, but still. Not only did she miss telling about your former foster parents *and* grandparents coming to visit, but she didn’t take any pictures at all when they were here, either! Talk about falling down on the job. We should probably fire her, but I don’t think we have too many other options. And she does feed us, walk us, and make sure we have warm blankets at night…

Murphy sez: Well, we’ll just have to hope your little “I hate the kitchen floor” antics earlier this week will be punishment enough. Seriously, dude – what was that all about, anyways? One day you’re eating and going out just fine, and the next you act like the kitchen floor is a bed of hot coals, and you don’t want anything to do with it! Good thing my happy juice works on you too, or I don’t know what J would have done…


Mica sez: Man, the wind was so bad that day, and it’s been getting dark before the humans get home, so the house is pitch black, and that stupid floor is so slippery, and then when we’re both on it and I get bumped, or something falls and makes noise…I mean, it’s like walking on ice! Don’t you notice?

But J did switch the food bowls so I could reach the rug easier. And she moved another rug over so I could get to the back door. And she started turning the lights on at lunch so we wouldn’t have to wait for them in the dark. I only made her take me out the front door and around the house one time. That’s not too bad, right?


Murphy sez: I guess not, considering the neighbors have a dog that won’t use their back steps at all, and has to be taken out the front door and around to the back yard just to go potty. I’m glad you seem to be sort of getting over it though. I don’t think J’s gonna carpet the kitchen just for you, and she doesn’t seem inclined to put the food bowls on the carpet either.

That’s another thing problem we had this past month, isn’t it? Food! Stupid Acana changed their formula and gave us both issues. I don’t know why they have to do that – don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, I say! More like break stuff that isn’t broke. Like bones, and bully sticks and stuffies.

Are cats and squirrels meant to be broken? Is that why I need to bark at and chase them? That right there is a deep thought for a sunny afternoon in the yard, Mica. What’s the equivalent of catnip for dogs, anyway? We should get some, whatever it is…

Mica sez: I have no idea, Murph – we’ll have to get J to find out.

That food thing is a serious issue, ‘cause we gotta eat! J’s still trying to figure it all out after having us try three different foods and finally going back to Acana ‘cause nothing else works either. At least the raw goat’s milk seems to be clearing up your ears. And no extra pumpkin seems to be helping me, but only a little. J says there’s a new raw pork food out that she’s going to get me some of once her fi-nan-ces are in better shape, whatever that means. See if that helps me digest the kibble better without making me itch more.

I like pork. Just like you like fish, which is weird, because fish makes me throw up. A lot. Like all night. It’s bad.


Murphy sez: I love fish – all kinds! I wonder if they make a raw fish food for dogs? J is wrinkling her nose at the thought, but how yummy would that be? Maybe she could get me some sardines to put with my fish food. Just call me…sushi-dog!

Hey Mica – do you think it’s gonna snow next week? I mean, we already have to wear coats when we’re walking now…what’s gonna happen when it snows? Do we walk? Do we freeze our paws off? Do we get more bully sticks ‘cause it’s too cold to actually exercise?

We got more questions than answers, Mica. I think it might be time for a nap. Or a treat. Maybe both.

Mica sez: Definitely both. And J should take a nap too, on account of maybe she won’t forget to transcribe our blog anymore?

Which reminds me – J says our posts are moving to Sundays, on account of the pictures that we want to put up. It takes too long to edit pictures during the week, apparently, so we’re doing weekend updates now.

Murphy sez: But not this weekend, right? ‘Cause we just did this post, and that’s enough for one week, I’d say. But Sunday December 11, right?

Mica sez: Yep…that’s right. Now about that nap…


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